Catherine Danae

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Catherine Danae
Artist. Choreographer. Dancer.

Art is movement. Every mark, every move, appearing impetuous or mercurial, has a strong function in my work because it came from life. From movement. Being a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist, I have always had a strong pull towards movement. Movement isn't just done through limbs, hands and feet, there is also the way the wind moves the land, the way water shapes stone, or fabric billowing in the air.  My creations invite you to never forget the life that is constantly in motion around you, so I dance; I dance with paint, charcoal, behind the lens all to try to capture the ephemeral thing called movement and the joy it brings.  

Recent News:

Catherine will have a solo exhibition at the Adelante Gallery in 2016 featuring her dance behind the lens self portraits.